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The City of Waupaca wants to remind residents about the official ways to pay their utility (Water/Sewer/Garbage/Waupaca Online) bills:

  • Drop off your payment to either dropbox at City Hall
  • Mail your payment to City Hall, 111 S. Main Street
  • Pay at the City Hall front counter with cash, check or credit card
  • Sign-Up for Online Billing through the City of Waupaca’s Billing Partner, Payment Service Network
  • Make a one-time online payment with e-check or credit card via our payment partner Point & Pay

There are other online services that claim to make your payment on your behalf. Any systems other than what are listed above are not endorsed or affiliated with the City of Waupaca. We cannot ensure your payment will get to us or on time.

DOXO Bill Payment Warning
It has been discovered “” is showing up as a payment option when residents do internet searches on how to pay their utility bills. DOXO is an on-line bill payment website that, at first glance, appears to be endorsed by the City of Waupaca. “” is not affiliated with the City of Waupaca. Doxo may charge extra fees, and the city cannot control when our or if the city will receive payments from, possibly resulting in a late payment fee or disconnection due to non-payment.

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