Waupaca Electric Light and Railway Company Baggage

Waupaca Electric Light and Railway Company Baggage
Period: 1800-1899
Exterior Description:

This car was once a passenger trolly car rebuilt into a baggage car fro trolley line use. In 1926, it was made into a lake side cabin. It was restored to its appearanace as a baggage car as used in the early 1900’s on the Waupaca Trolley Line. The original track is missing and has been replaced by a trailer frame with rubber tires so the car can be moved for display. There is a set of trolley wheels and axles typical of this type of car.

Interior Description:

The sides are unpainted wood interior. The Derstory roof is painted brown, made with yellow stained glass windows. Early 1900’s graffiti is inside.

Statement of Significance:

This is the only remaining car from the Waupaca Electric Light and Railway Company. Waupaca was one of Wisconsin’s smallest communities to have a trolley system.

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