Interested in Waupaca Online internet service? Curious if we can service your address? Fill out the form below and you will then be taken to our coverage map. A few notes regarding our service area:

  • This map is based on average information of the standard home. 
  • Fixed-wireless internet service depends on good line of sight between your location and one of our towers.  You might fall into the displayed coverage area on the map but local trees, hills, buildings and obstructions in the way may prevent a useable signal to your property. 
  • Depending on the actual height of your house, outbuildings, TV antenna towers or silos may change the status if we can service your location or not.  This map does not take these items into account.  It is possible your location falls outside of the displayed coverage area and we still might be able to service your location because of these accessory structures that gain height. 
  • Regardless of what the coverage map displays, if you are somewhat near our displayed coverage area we encourage you to contact us regarding service.  If we learn where there is a void of internet service and where there is a customer base looking, we always evaluate opportunities to expand into new areas. 

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