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About Waupaca Radio

Waupaca Radio is a low power FM radio station operated by the City of Waupaca and co-located with our cable access TV station Win-TV. Waupaca Radio FM 96.3 was put on the air as an effort to expand our community media programming and to reach a larger population. Waupaca Radio is free to access and unlike Win-TV does not require cable TV or an internet subscription to access. Waupaca Radio’s primary purpose is to be a public safety information tool and that takes precedence to all other programming.

Frequency: 96.3 FM
Call Letters: WILW  (Stands for I Love Waupaca)
Power: 47 Watts broadcasting from the Mount Tom Water Tower at a height of 115′
Primary Music Format: Adult Alternative

Mission Statement

To connect the citizens of the Waupaca area with the activities of their government and community.

Secondary Mission

Information through entertainment.

Waupaca Radio’s Programming Philosophy

  1. Keep Waupaca area residents safe and informed about any public safety related topics or emergencies.
  2. Serve as a tool for government transparency by broadcasting all City Council, School Board and County Board meetings.  Airtime will be available to other area government boards and committees as requested.
  3. Expand the reach of Win-TV by broadcasting the audio of programs produced by Win-TV staff.
  4. Serve as a communications tool for area community groups, non-profit organizations, schools and government departments.
  5. Broadcast music and other entertainment programming to our community.

Program Schedule

Waupaca Radio Policies & Documents

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