The Friends are a group of concerned neighbors that work together to promote the health of the lakes. The Friends formed through a Lake Study Grant in 2003. This grant recommended that a citizen’s group form, to continue to monitor and watch the overall health of the lake, as well as addressing new concerns and issues.

The group has been hard at work ever since, working on and completing a number of projects.

How the Friends of Mirror/Shadow Lakes acts to protect the lakes:

  • Investing years of regular testing to establish baselines for oxygen content, temperature and clarity of Shadow and Mirror lakes. Continuing to examine unusually high phosphorus levels in the lakes’ water. Encouraging proper artificial aeration.
  • Stepping up the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program to educate boaters on how to keep unwanted organisms out of our lakes.
  • Watching for any appearance of invasive species in or near the lakes. Working to eradicate curly-leaf pondweed from the channel between Shadow and Mirror lakes to prevent the unwanted weed from spreading.
  • Struggling to ensure clean shore land by discouraging the flocks of resident Canada geese that foul our yards and beaches. Encouraging a program against feeding geese.
  • Promoting lakeshore plantings that tend to discourage geese and simultaneously reduce erosion and chemical runoff.

You Can Help the Lakes Too:

  • Learn about healthy lakes and clean water. Come to the informal meetings of the Friends of Mirror/Shadow Lakes.
  • Volunteer to share information on the “Clean Boats, Clean Waters” program at the Shadow Lake boat landing.
  • Run off geese on the shore. Don’t feed the geese!
  • Plan your landscaping to incorporate best water management practices.
  • Finally the lakes, but don’t abuse them.

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