If you are an existing Waupaca business or are planning to locate in Waupaca, you will want to understand how to work through permitting requirements for new construction, additions, renovations, and any other development related plans you may have. Permit application, fees, and other information are available from the City of Waupaca’s Community and Economic Development Department.

Keys to Success:

Contact us as early as possible when beginning to plan a development or building project. Any information shared will be held in confidence until projects have applied for permits. Confidentiality is important in a competitive business and real estate environment and the Community and Economic Development Department and the City of Waupaca understand that.

A typical development process should follow these steps:

  • Contact staff to discuss the project and verify the actions required for approvals and permits.
  • Prepare conceptual plans and set up a meeting with the Community and Economic Development staff to discuss potential problems or opportunities.
  • Prepare detailed plans.
  • Submit for zoning approvals (Special Use, Planned Development, Rezoning, etc…), if necessary.
  • Submit for Site Work and Building Permits.
  • After all permits are approved… get your development underway.

As you prepare, please keep in mind that it is easier for the City to respond quickly and with accurate information if staff is made aware early and provided with a well-thought-out plan. The more details provided help to ensure complete answers and appropriate directions right from the start. Please feel free to stop in the Community and Economic Development office at any time. However, for the most comprehensive service, please call to arrange a meeting so that we can be prepared to discuss the specifics of your project.

If working with a development team, it is very helpful to designate and use a primary contact for the City. This helps City staff ensure that any and all requested information is properly dispersed.

Give us a call to get started: 715.258.4404.


Since 1995 the Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation (WCEDC) has been providing assistance to both private businesses and public sector organizations, in an effort to strengthen the local economy and enhance the quality of life for all the citizens of Waupaca County.

Simply put, whether it’s securing funding from federal, state or regional resources for businesses and communities, or representing the people of Waupaca County throughout the region and state, the WCEDC is truly a non-partisan promoter and advocate for growth and development in Waupaca County.

The Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce supports our Investors to help in their businesses and organizations.

Locate In Wisconsin

With a strategic goal of attracting and maintaining businesses in the City of Waupaca, we would like to promote the use of Locate in Wisconsin, an online resource that is maintained by brokers and real estate professionals, in partnership with local economic development specialists, that aims to provide a wide range of available sites and buildings in the area. The great thing about this service… It’s an entirely FREE source. 

Check out our listed properties now: LocateInWI.com

To obtain your free Username and Password please contact Info@locateinwisconsin.com

*The City of Waupaca will only maintain records for City-owned properties that are for sale. It will be the responsibility of the private property owner, an associated real estate agent/broker, or an associated developer to maintain, promote and/or manage any records of privately owned lands that are for sale*

For Businesses

The Waupaca city council and city administrator support business expansion and retain an environment optimal for corporate success. As part of this effort, businesses can relocate and grow using various local, regional and state education, training, and financial assistance programs.

Tax credits and low-interest loans are available through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to companies expanding or relocating to Wisconsin. Qualifying projects are adding jobs and making capital investment. For more detailed information visit: Wisconsin Department of Revenue.


We will answer your zoning questions and facilitate the zoning and permitting process to make the relocation or expansion easier. Our staff is dedicated to providing assistance to ensure your project moves forward within your timeframe.

We can provide real estate information on any property in the City, and connect you with local realtors and brokers. Through knowledge from working with local property owners, we can also help with land and building options that do not always show up in the databases. In addition, the City owns over 150 acres of land ready for new development.

To help you identify sites to locate the most appropriate sites to grow or establish your business the City of Waupaca presently has designated Tax Incremental Finance Districts including the East Gateway District. Each provides an excellent opportunity to grow or start your business.

We can coordinate meetings for you with local business leaders who can provide you with their business perspectives of the community and assist you with other questions you may have relative to the local community. We know how much you value the opinions of your business peers and encourage you to communicate and build relationships.

Leakage/Surplus Factor by Industry Subsector (10 Mile Radius)

Leakage/Surplus Factor by Industry Group (10 Mile Radius)

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