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Location: 111 S. Main Street, Waupaca, WI 54981
Main Phone: 715.258.4404
Fax: 715.258.4426
Hours: Weekdays 7:30am-4:00pm

Mission Statement

The purpose of the City of Waupaca Community and Economic Development Department is to encourage development that reflects, preserves, and enhances Waupaca’s unique culture and historic character and results in economic vitality, diversification of the community’s tax base, and improved sustainability and quality of life for its residents and the surrounding area.

Brian Bunke

Position: Residential Building Inspector & Code Enforcement
Phone Number: 715-942-9914
Email Address:

David Everson

Position: Electrical Building Inspector
Phone Number: 715-869-0169
Email Address:

Jane Drager

Position: Commercial Building Inspector
Phone Number: 715-942-9908
Email Address:

Jarod Kivela

Position: Community & Economic Development Director
Phone Number: 715-942-9912
Email Address:

Ronda Rollins

Position: Community Development Specialist/GIS
Phone Number: 715-942-9910
Email Address:

Department Services

Planning & Zoning

Responsible for developing and updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan and assisting in preparation of other plans affecting Waupaca. These plans and ordinances are the means through which the City of Waupaca carries out its policies and regulations regarding land use and the physical development of the community.

Building Inspection & Code Compliance

The source of contact for people and businesses needing permits to construct or remodel buildings in the City of Waupaca. Staff reviews and performs field inspections of building plans to ensure they comply with the City of Waupaca Building Code, State of Wisconsin Building Code, and the City of Waupaca Zoning Code. (See Code Compliance). Staff is also responsible for enforcing public nuisance and related ordinances in a manner that is beneficial to the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Economic Development

Locate or expand your business in Waupaca. Learn more about the Waupaca area and available resources.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division is responsible for automating Land Information for the City of Waupaca. Land Information is data that can be spatially referenced, such as parcels, streets, business locations, utilities, etc…

Property Assessment

The Property Assessment division is responsible for placing and maintaining equitable market value property assessments on all real and personal property. The assessor does not create this value, but rather interprets what is happening in the marketplace.  The work is performed by professional assessors that are knowledgeable and well-versed in standard appraisal practices.

Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Commission’s purpose is to recognize, preserve and enhance areas, sites and structures that contribute to Waupaca’s unique and distinctive environment. The Commission is made up of seven members appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Common Council. The Historic Preservation Commission meets monthly or more often if necessary.

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