How to Run for Elected Office (City Council or Mayor)

  • December 1st – first day to circulate nomination papers for signatures.  To run for alderperson you must live in the aldermanic district (ward) where you wish to run.  To run for mayor you must live in within the city limits of Waupaca.  To find out what ward you are in visit this page.
    • Pick up a packet from the City Clerk’s office, this packet consists of:
      • Declaration of Candidacy – GAB From 126
      • Campaign Registration Statement – GAB Form 1
      • Nomination Papers – GAB Form 169
        • Signatures required for Alderperson – no less than 20 or more than 40
        • Signatures required for Mayor – no less than 50 or more than 100
  • Second Friday preceding the deadline for nomination papers at 5:00pm – Incumbents deadline to file declaration of non-candidacy with city clerk’s office
  • First Tuesday in January – Deadline to turn in packet (declaration of candidacy, campaign registration statement and nomination papers) to city clerk’s office
  • Election Day, First Tuesday in April – Your name will be on the ballot.  Once elected you will need to take the Oath of Office, review the City’s Code of Ethics and Fraud policy.  

How to apply for an unexpected opening on City Council

  • An ad for an opening on City Council will be placed on the city website and in the newspaper
  • You may submit a letter of interest in response to this ad
  • You will be invited to a city council meeting to speak to the council
  • If there are multiple candidates for the opening the current city council members will vote by ballot who to select
  • You would then be sworn in and  immediately start your term on city council 

How to become appointed to a Board, Committee or Commission

The Mayor makes their appointments at the Organizational Meeting held on the third Tuesday in April.  

  • Contact the Mayor, City Administrator or Clerk’s office with your request to be considered for  desired board, committee or commission.  If there is an opening the Mayor will take your request into consideration.  If selected you would be appointed at the organizational meeting.
  • Once appointed you will need to take the oath of office and review the city’s fraud policy and code of ethics. 

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