Amalgam Application and Reporting

Mandatory one-time reporting for all installed separators:

Each dental office shall maintain annual reporting and provide a copy to the City of Waupaca.

Arcade/Amusement Permit

Beer Permit

For family/group events taking place in a qualifying park (see clerk for qualifying parks), lasting no longer than one day. Must be obtained at Parks and Rec. Department.

Cost: $10.00/event

Bicycle License

Required in order to operate a bicycle upon any street or public way within the city. Obtained at the Police Department.

Cost: $2.00/2yrs. from the date of the original registration. $1.00 to replace lost license plate.

Broker/Antique Dealer License

Required in order to engage in selling secondhand goods/furnishings or deal in antiques.

Cost: $27.50/yr. from Jan 1 to Dec 1 Broker /Secondhand dealer

$165.00/2 yr. from Jan 1 to Dec 31 for  mall or flea market license.

Burning Permits

Except for recreational fires, as defined in Paragraph (3), no person shall engage in open burning of small amounts of confidential papers, leaves, brush or untreated, unpainted wood without first obtaining a burning permit. Obtained in person from the City of Waupaca Police Department.

Cost: $5.00

Chicken Permit

Required to have chickens within city limits.

Cost: $50.00 permit fee initial year/$20.00 per year thereafter. January 1 – December 31.

Cigarette License

Required to have license in order to sell cigarettes.

Cost: $100.00/yr. from July 1 to June 30

Commercial Tree Operator’s License

Required for persons spraying, trimming or removing any tree or tree stump for compensation.

Cost: $50.00/yr. from July 1 to June 30

Dance Hall

Cost: $25.00/yr from July 1 to June 30

Driveway Permit

This permit holds a zero dollar fee, but must be completed and approved before any driveway improvements within public right-of-way can occur. Please see municipal ordinance 8.11 or call Waupaca Public Works at 715-258-4420 for more information.

Dog/Cat License

Proof of rabies vaccination is required before a license is issued. No dog or cat may run at large. Owner of dog/cat shall promptly remove of any feces left by the animal upon public or private property not owned by such person. A late fee of $5.00 will be charged if the owner of a dog or cat 5 months or over fails to obtain a license prior to April 1 of each year or within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a licensable animal.

Cost: $5.00/yr. spayed female/neutered male
$10.00/yr. unspayed female/unneutered male
$2.00 to replace lost tag

Farmer’s Market

Includes homegrown fruits, vegetables, and farm garden products sold from a vehicle parked on city streets.

Cost: $120.00/yr from January 1 to December 31

Food Truck/Mobile Unit

Cost: $125.00 + Background Checks

Garbage Hauler’s License

For any person, partnership, corporation, or other public or private entity that provides for the collection and transportation of garbage, refuse, commercial or industrial waste, or recyclable materials. Vehicles must be inspected by the City Police Department.

Cost: $40.00/yr. from July 1 to June 30 for the 1st vehicle.

$30.00/yr. from July 1 to Julne 30 for each additional vehicle.

Grease Interceptor

Hotel/Motel Permit

Cost: $25.00/annually

Operator’s License

Cost: $15.00/yr. Provisional License (60 days)
$20.00/yr. Regular License
$12.00 ($20.00 out of state) Required Background Check
Regular licenses expire on June 30th

Overnight Parking Permit

Available parking lots: SW corner of S. Washington/Union Streets, SW corner of N. Washington/Granite Streets, SE corner of N. Washington/ Granite Streets, Rotary Riverview Park east of Main St. and north of E. Fulton St. Violators may be required to forfeit not less than $50.00 and not more than $200.00 in fines, in addition to reimbursement to the city for all expenses incurred.

Cost: $120.00 expires September 30

Go to SmartGov to apply for this license. After you login (or create your account) select “Personal License > Overnight Parking Permit for Public Lots” to apply.

Parade Permit

Cost: $5.00/day

Public Square Usage/Gazebo

Cost: $10.00 (not to exceed 4 hours)

Rummage/Garage Sale Permit

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sales may not be held for more than three consecutive days. Residents holding a yard/rummage sale are limited to the hours of 8am-6pm and no more than three consecutive days. If a resident holds more than two sales per year they must obtain a Rummage/Garage sale permit from City Hall.

Cost: $10.00/day if conducting more than two sales per year

Scrap Dealer’s License

Required for buying, selling, gathering, delivering, or storing old iron, brass, copper, other base metals, paper, rags, glass, and all articles and things discarded as manufactured articles commonly referred to as “junk”.

Cost: $150.00/yr (in-city) or $100.00/yr (out of city). from July 1 to June 30

Tattoo Establishment

Cost: $50.00/yr Jan 1 to Dec 31

Taxicab Driver’s License

To operate a taxicab. Waived/yr. from January 1 to December 31.

Taxicab Vehicle License

To carry passengers for hire, except vehicles regulated by the PSC, rent-a-cars, and funeral services. Vehicles must be inspected by the City Police Department.

Cost: $30.00/yr.

Transient Merchant License

For any person engaging in temporary retail sales, not intending to become a permanent merchant.

Cost: $25.00 – Permit is good for one year

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